Precision Casting

Precision casting also named “Lost-wax casting”, “Investment casting”. Its product is precise, complex and close to the final shape of the parts, with no or little further processing before use. Investment casting, as an advanced net-shape forming technology, as well as an excellent technique, is widely used in the casting industry. The accuracy of the precision casting products’ dimension and their surface quality are much higher than by other casting methods. What’s more, it can be used to manufacture the complex, thermostable, and difficult to be processed casting parts, while other casting methods can’t.

Development of casting technology makes the investment casting produce not only small-sized castings, but also large ones, as large as nearly 2 meters long, and the minimum wall as thick as less than 0.8mm. At the same time, the investment casting is in higher precision, in addition to the linear tolerance, casting parts can achieve higher geometry tolerance. The surface roughness of the investment casting is becoming smaller and smaller, even less than Ra0.4μm.


Investment casting is often the perfect production solution with the advantage of freedom of design:

* complex shapes

* combine functionalities

* significant reductions of machining

* excellent surface quality

* high dimensional accuracy

* any steel alloy available

With these properties, the "lost-wax" casting process is often a very competitive solution for complex design problems. ABLinox has the power, knowledge ,and experience to be your strong development partner.