The understanding of faucet of infrared induction

Release time: 2019-03-15

When I was a child, adults would often say to wash their hands frequently to avoid bacterial infection, and we just wash the hands to touch the tap, it is difficult to avoid contact with bacteria again, let alone in a public place, so the sensor tap is designed in this way. The infrared induction is the common induction faucet, believed everybody can see the induction faucet in some public restroom.

The convenient place that induction faucet depends on to need not touch bibcock namely, should be inside infrared induction area only induction, can give water automatically, delay closes water, or the faucet of semiautomatic induction, again induction closes water automatically. This will not be too labor-saving, clean sanitation, but also save water. There are too many people in public places who don't like to touch the water.

The induction faucet has many advantages, but also has some unsatisfactory place, is it needs to use the power source. And installation will also have certain requirements, such as the safety of electricity, if the use of direct current (battery) replacement frequency also needs to be calculated. Still, the sensor tap is one of the more popular faucets in public bathrooms.

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