Why we need castings?

Release time: 2019-04-12

At the very beginning, we human start to learn to use stone that can be easily found in nature as a weapon to hunt and fight. 

We desire better tools when we grow up. We have cars, trains, planes now. 

But do you know what's the earliest casting in the world? It's created in our copper age. The earliest living proof of copper was the weapon found with Otzi, the oldest naturally preserved mummy from 33000 B.C. Otzi had an ax with a copper casted ax head. 

As casting develops, we now can use varies of metals to create things. The obvious truth is the machine. We don't use wood, sand or stone to build machines. We use mental, which keeps the machine operates better. 

As we know, casting is a manufacturing method in which molten metal is injected or poured into a mold (or mould) to form an object of the desired shape. 

Casting becomes a basic and important method to build our life, even though most of us don't need to operate it directly and can let it to those professional experts do for us. 

Casting parts exists most where.Typical industries served to include metal casting parts for firefighting equipment, plumbing parts, valve parts, electrical hardware, precision machinery, water hydrants, gears, decorative hardware, bronze plaques, military transportation, and other industries. 

In fact, stainless steel casting products/components can be manufactured with the desired characteristics in the most cost-effective manner is still a great challenges for us. 

We need to find a balance in the pursuit of efficiency and costs. Sometimes it takes time, and require both manufacture and client work as a team to figure out.

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